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Knowledge Pond is an international group of senior strategy practitioners. We have all held senior positions as advisors to governments and national defence forces. Some of us have been senior military commanders. We have extensive experience in strategy, environmental scanning, defence and security intelligence, planning for the conduct of operations, and the management of a complex network of international relationships.

We maintain close links with the policy and intelligence communities throughout Asia and the Pacific, and have high-level access across key areas of national enterprise – government, business, industry, the media and the universities.

Knowledge Pond is held together by strongly shared values of integrity, professionalism and service. The confidence and trust we have in each other engenders the highest quality advice to our clients, which in turn helps them to act with safety and confidence.

As a group, Knowledge Pond strongly supports the creation of an international community of democratic nations, each founded on principles of freedom, justice, equity, the rule of law and the basic freedoms of speech, association and religious expression. As in our former professions of military and public service, so in our common pursuit of effective political risk management strategies, we work to help our nations and our region become prosperous, secure and free.

Knowledge Pond also works in alliance with a number of other advising groups throughout the world in order to bring the highest quality service to our clients. If we do not think that our capacities match your needs, we will put you in contact with a group that can.

home | who we are | what we do | our services | how to find us | our people
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