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Knowledge Pond applies its collective knowledge to the risks that flow from uncertainty, ambiguity and change in the political and strategic environments of Asia and the Pacific. We provide decision-focused advice on the nature and extent of strategic challenge, political risk and security threat to public and private organisations and individuals that invest or operate in the Asia-Pacific region.

We maintain an extensive network of contacts in all the major areas of national business – government, politics, business, justice, media, universities, think-tanks and defence. Through our contacts, we keep our finger on the political, economic and social pulse of Asia and the Pacific. We advise boards, chief operating officers, directors and managers on the decisions they might need to make for their businesses to be successful.

Knowledge Pond’s members are also leading strategists and planners, and provide direct strategic planning assistance to organisations that wish to exploit the opportunities created by change. We facilitate and support strategic planning at the highest leadership level.

Knowledge Pond has a wealth of experience in strategic advising and representation at all levels of government. We are also able to interpret government decisions and processes, and explain how government can be persuaded to create the right conditions for success for both public and private enterprises.

Knowledge Pond’s experts are highly sought after as conference speakers, analysts, media commentators and public presenters. We teach courses at leading universities and military academies, and publish on a broad range on subjects in a variety of journals and newspapers. We are accomplished communicators who apply knowledge, skill, experience and practicality to solving political risk problems.

home | who we are | what we do | our services | how to find us | our people
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