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ALLAN BEHMAllan Behm specialises in political and security risk evaluation, and brings to Knowledge Pond high order analytical and advising skills and an extensive personal network throughout Asia, the United States and New Zealand.

Following a couple of years as a tutor in Asian Studies, Allan spent nearly thirty years in the Australian Public Service working in the Australian diplomatic service, the Prime Minister’s Department, the Department of Defence and the Attorney-General’s Department. He specialised in international relations, defence strategy, counter-terrorism and law enforcement policy, and had a two-year stint as General Manager in the Attorney-General’s Legal Practice. From the mid 90s, as head of the International Policy and Strategy Divisions of the Department of Defence, he was responsible for the overall management of Australia’s strategic intelligence relationship with the USA, defence relations with Indonesia (a critical aspect of Australia’s successful intervention in East Timor) and broader Asia-Pacific security affairs.

For more than 25 years, Allan has enjoyed close working relationships with the US Defense community (especially in Washington and Honolulu), as well as with the defence forces of New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Philippines and China.

Allan is a sought-after public speaker and media commentator, writing in Australian and regional newspapers and appearing on Australian and regional TV programs. He teaches advanced strategy and policy courses at several Australian universities and Defence colleges. He also advises several leading international consulting firms, and has a range of clients in both the private and public sectors. He has tertiary qualifications in philosophy and Asian studies, and speaks Indonesian and French.



LANCE BEATHLance Beath has a successful public sector consulting business based in Wellington, New Zealand. He advises on New Zealand public sector issues, developments in the strategic environment and the management of international strategic and defence policy issues. He brings to Knowledge Pond 30 years experience in government, much of it spent advancing New Zealand’s economic, political and security interests in the Asia Pacific and North American markets.

After 20 years in the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, working on a wide range of political, security and economic issues in Wellington, Jakarta, Washington, New York, Ottawa, Europe and the South Pacific, Lance joined the Ministry of Defence. Until 1998, he led the Strategic and International Policy Branch, where he worked on New Zealand Defence White Papers and long term Strategic Assessments. He also oversaw the development of New Zealand’s defence relationship with Australia and other countries in the region.

Following his departure from the Defence Ministry, he spent a period as Visiting Fellow at the New Zealand Military Studies Institute and completed a Defence White Paper for Papua New Guinea. In addition to his public sector consulting interests, he is currently developing a postgraduate course in Defence and Security Policy for Victoria University of Wellington, and teaches a postgraduate course in Environmental Politics at the International Pacific College.

Lance has an extensive network of contacts in business, government and media throughout the Asia Pacific region and North America. As a strategic practitioner and planner, his primary interest is in the provision of practical, hands-on advice focused on decision-making and results. He has a doctorate in theoretical thermodynamics from the University of Otago and postdoctoral qualifications from the University of California, Los Angeles.



MARTIN STEELELt Gen Marty Steele is well known and highly regarded within senior policy circles in Asia and the Pacific. As the J5 in CINCPAC's headquarters during Admiral Prueher's tenure, Marty played a leading role in forging close and effective planning systems between ADHQ and PACOMHQ.

Gen Steele joined the Marine Corps in 1965 as an enlisted man, and saw service in Vietnam that year. Following commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in 1967, he held a number of command appointment until, in 1973, he become a tank company commander and ADC to the Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division.

Following a number of staff appointments, Gen Steele returned to the 1st Marine Division in 1985 to hold a number of battalion command positions. He was posted to Korea in 1988 as operations officer in the Combined Forces Command, and in 1990 returned to Quantico as a deputy director in the Marine Corps Combat Development Command.

During Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Gen Steele served aboard USS Blue Ridge as G3 MARCENT (FWD). Following his return to Quantico in July 1992, he was promoted Brigadier General in 1993 as Commanding General, Marine Corps Base, Quantico. Promoted to Major General in November 1994, he was appointed Director for Strategic Planning and Policy (J5) in CINCPAC's Headquarters in Honolulu, where he served from 1995 to 1997.

Promoted Lt Gen, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, Policies and Operations at the HQMC in Washington. In mid 1999 he became Chairman and CEO of the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum in New York.



TEERAWAT PUTAMANONDATeerawat Putamanonda had a long and illustrious military career in Thailand prior to joining Knowledge Pond. Having achieved the rank of general before retirement in 2001, Teerawat held a range of appointments that enabled him to blend his geostrategic experience with practical knowledge of security management in the Asia Pacific Region.

A product of military and professional educations in Thailand the United States, Teerawat served with distinction with the Thai Defence Establishment for 37 years. For more than 10 years he was a senior defence planner, manager and supervisor of intelligence operations of the Royal Thai Army and the Internal Security Operation Command, a former counter-insurgency organisation and presently counter-transnational threat agency of the Thai Government. His contemporary experience in international security management and defence policies came in late 1990’s, while working closely with the former Prime Minister and Defence Minister, H.E. Chuan Leekpai. As the Secretary General for defence policies and plans, Teerawat was responsible for high-level policy formulation during the period that Thailand faced a severe economic downturn. He was also the prime mover of the Thai defence reform program, the first and most substantial defense review and restructure after the end of the Cold War. His work with the former Prime Minister and Defence Minister involved him in many major decisions on Thailand’s role in security affairs in the region, including the participation of the Thai peacekeeping force in East Timor.

Teerawat’s expertise in defence and security related matters is sought after by academic institutions, security agencies, local media and television, as well as organisers of seminars and conferences in the Asia Pacific and beyond. He is often invited to lecture or to present papers to leading institutions such as Thammasart University, the Australian National University, the School of Advanced International Studies-John Hopkins University, and the National Defense University in Washington D.C. In the past 3 years, he has been a member of the International Planning Committee and discussion panelist for the Summer Camp of senior officers in the Asia Pacific-organised by the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Upon his departure from the Thai military service, Teerawat was invited by the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), his alma mater in the United States, to become the fifth holder of Lopez Chair in Asian studies and visiting professor.


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