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Welcome to the Knowledge Pond web site!

Knowledge Pond Pty Ltd is an international group of political risk and strategy experts. We specialise in helping governments, corporations, institutions (including universities), organisations and businesses manage the political and security environments in which they operate, and take decisions that are most likely to generate sustainable success. Our particular focus is Asia and the Pacific.

Take a close look at our web site, and contact us for solutions to your risk management, environmental scanning and strategic planning concerns. We can assist you to drive problematic issues through to a successful outcome.

The Risk Ecosystem

Today’s world is one of changing operating environments, multiple values, and conflicting political priorities. To be successful, enterprises must navigate through ambiguity and uncertainty, while at the same time maintaining focus and clarity of purpose. Success in the risk ecosystem depends on the ability to interpret the signs, identify risks and opportunities, and make decisions based on insight.

What we are in business for

Knowledge Pond looks to a world in which the risks associated with uncertainty, ambiguity and change are managed so as to enhance the freedom of individuals, the prosperity of enterprises and the security of nations.

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